Flux Capacitor Replicas

Here's your chance to own a piece of pop culture!

Own a DeLorean?  One of the top questions, (if not the number one), is "Where's your Flux Capacitor?"  Now you can confidently answer that question with a resounding, “It’s right there!”  We have a limited stock of replica Flux Capacitors that are ready for shipment.

These high quality props are constructed from a durable 12"x10"x5" electrical fiberglass enclosure and feature the same light-pattern sequence as seen in the popular "Back to the Future" films.  Included is additional lighting in each corner that illuminate the internal perimeters.

All of the lights are bright white LED's and will run for many hours, (days?), on one 9-volt battery, (included).  The battery and the on/off switch are located on the top of the unit behind the angled tube and are easily accessible.

Even if you don't own a DeLorean, this is a great item that attracts a lot of attention.  Each Flux Capacitor is made with the highest quality materials in which much time and effort is spent on each one to ensure many years of service.  It’s ready-to-go right out of the box.
We are offering these at $355.00 plus shipping.  Overseas orders are welcome.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the AZ-D.

To order, contact: johnny.sawyer(at)gmail.com

Flux capacitor images courtesy of Kevin Abato. Visit his site: www.grenexmedia.com.