California DMC Dealership Sign Trip - January 2008

New Owner Garth got a good deal when he bought his mothballed low mileage D with all the spare parts.

Tom, Doug, Daniel and John made the trek to SE California to pick up the sign.

Old-style gray wheel fresh out of the shipping box from DMC. Epic.

Daniel gave Garth's car the good once-over with suggestions. Everyone's D needs *something.*

Only dealership sticker I've EVER seen on a D.  Good job, Rex.

Doug helps confirm John's suspicions about what's in that box.

People store the oddest things in their backyards.

Good thing we're here to help haul that sucker away!

Looooonnnee Starrrrr!!

Oh, so THIS is why we brought the trailer!.

Garth's stash. He found the dealership sign as a bonus under all this stuff in a storage facility.

Take a D smell ahoy.

Doug couldn't resist making the sign light up, at least from the outside. He rigged a switch and everything for his own amusement, and ours as well..

John plays with Garth's new kitten. Sooooo cute!

Uh, Daniel.. *NOT* a horse

A Hummer's second home - The gas station

Truck - check
Sign - check
Friends - check
Let's roll...

Oh yes, we went THERE.