Custom Door Marker Lenses                                  

Here's a quick and easy way to modify your door lights with no permanent changes.
Now available are full sets of custom-made marker lenses for both doors.  The available colors are Deep Purple, Kobalt Blue, Irish Green, and Water Clear.  These can change the color of your door marker lights when using the stock incandesant bulbs.  These are also ideal for LED's but you must use LED's that are the same color as the lenses or by using the Clear lenses with a colored LED.  We are offering these at $28 for a set of six lenses.

Please note: These lenses were reproduced from 5518's door lenses.  Some minor scratching and edging may appear on these reproductions.  Thanx for your understanding!

For questions or to purchase the custom lenses, please contact Johnny at: 

Please click on the small images below to see the full-size view.

Deep Purple (on)

Deep Purple (off)

Kobalt Blue (on)

Kobalt Blue (off)

Irish Green (on)

Irish Green (off)

Water Clear (on)

Water Clear (off)