Otis Spunkmeyer Filming - February 2008

Following a Time Machine on the freeway... few can say they have.

Otis Spunkmeyer CEO John is fascinated by the inner workings.

Smile, John!

Trusty AZ-D'er Steve made sure everything went ok while Tom was still snoozing.

The video shoot involved some driving scenes.

Zipping through the parking lot at the resort!

Cameras Rolling!

Take after take after take...

That's a BIG cookie!.

John the CEO and Liz Rayo, marketing VP, and "Marty" their IT guy.

"Doc" behind the wheel.

He's going to need a "grin-ectomy" after driving this car!.

It was early, but filming took a good while.

Another great "Doc" Scene. His costume was pretty good for a low-budget fun-flick.

Just not something you see everyday.

OK Marty.. blah blah Back to the Future!  Cookies! Muffins! 3rd Quarter earnings are up!.

Tom took a bet.  Long story..

The after-party hosted by Otis.  John, Daniel, Tom and Steve were invited and we made the most of it even though it was pretty chilly.

So cold out even the marshmallow whip topping took its sweet time to drop.  Yes we ate ice cream in the cold.

Our ticket into the gig proudly on display at the party.

Steve's best friend, the bartender.

Steve enjoying himself at the table.  There were all kinds of tasty treats there but few made it back to the table.

Daniel and Tom (John was taking the pics) enjoying the night air.