A message from the club president:

Welcome to the Arizona DeLorean Club!

In this web site you will find up-to-date information on our current and future events, unique DeLorean related products for sale by our club members, and information on our members and their cars. In addition we have an extensive picture gallery for you to enjoy.

As one might guess, this club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the DeLorean. We do this by focusing on the community. Our club's mission is to be active, not just within the club, but by reaching out to the public and spreading John Z. DeLorean’s dream, while at the same time putting to rest any misconceptions about the car, and the man, that people might have. The Arizona DeLorean Club, or AZ-D, has been featured in local High School Home Coming events, “Back To The Future” themed business and social meetings and many other settings as well. We have also been actively involved in various community service programs, such as the State of Arizona Adopt-a-Highway clean-up program, in which the entire club was responsible for keeping a one mile section of freeway clean!

The Arizona DeLorean club is comprised of both DeLorean owners, and non-owner enthusiasts. Our membership has a broad age range with varying backgrounds. We have a tradition that Randal Brown, our previous president started: If someone comes up with a new idea for a club event, "they own it", meaning it is now their repsonsibility to see it through. In other words, everyone in AZ-D is welcome (and encouraged) to come up with ideas for the club, and actually MAKE IT HAPPEN! After all, this club belongs to ALL of the members, not just a single person.

As President of the Arizona DeLorean Club it is an honor, and a privilege, to be associated with such truly amazing people, who are all actively involved in keeping the car AND this unique club alive and well.

Enjoy your visit to our site. Also, be sure to join us for a meeting or event when you are passing through AZ! We love having guests.

Daniel Fox
VIN 10920

AZ-D Chronicle:

The history of AZ-D. Presented by our club historian, Hugh Halladay.

Community Service:

AZ-D does our part to help out in the community, both locally and nationally. Click here to see a scanned copy of the letter that was sent to us when we donated money to the Lawrence Technical University John Z. DeLorean Scholarship Fund. We have also had members donate their cars for use with children's charities, and religious functions as well!

Publicity (AZ-D in the News):

Check out our publicity section to see what public events AZ-D members have been attending.

The Scottsdale Police Cars:

The true story of the gullwing police cars! You knew there were gullwing police cars, right? Submitted to az-d.org by Hugh Halladay - AZ-D club historian.

Join the Club:

Interested in joining AZ-D? For more information send an email to:  or click here and you can join right now!