DeLorean Car Show - June 2008

Upon first arrival, the Bricklin group had a nice room set up.

This ultra-rare go-kart Bricklin was the highlight of the display!

Raffle items on the table for later.

One raffle item was this amazing 1/24 handmade Bricklin model.

Herb Grasse, stylist of the Bricklin came up with this design for the convention. The D looks kinda Bricklin-esque to me.

Ken arrives in style after 8 otherwise incident-free hours of driving.

The DMA folks shipped a number of cars including Pilot 21.  It was amazing to see a fully loaded truck with just DeLoreans!.

The next day John and Daniel toured the Snyder of Hanover factory. Parked there was a familiar name in the electrical industry.

The Snyder plant is located in Hanover, PA. Beautiful acres surround this impressive facility.

Another shot of their corporate headquarters sign.

Daniel and John went into the wrong place to start the tour but John posed quickly for a shot next to historical packaging samples.

In the waiting area for the tour there happens to be a pretzel/candy store.

John considers a Shoo-Fly Pie to take back with him. Awfully cheap, not too shabby.

John poses with candy we didn't think even existed anymore.  The famed Zagnut candy was in a lot of '80s movies for some reason.

One of the nices Bricklins we've ever encountered in Safety Tan.

Nary a crack or stress mark in the entire fender set, amazing! No, really, AMAZING!

Thought people did weird customizations to their D's? How about a custom step plate for a Bricklin!.

The steering wheel is a little offset to the right, and the interior kinda screams '70s.

Crank windows, and a door latch that was only intended for emergencies.

WTFISIT indeed.

Safety Green looks so cool!

Multiple colored panels are all too common, especially on the green cars where the acrylic fades at different rates.

Fighting color with color, here's a VERY red D.

DCS Here we come!! WOOH!! (8 hours later...) Woooh... are we there yet? Where is %!*'in Gettysburg anyway?

One magazine noted that the Bricklin looks like it swallowed an 8-track. The very heavy bumpers and high door sills are safety designs.

Ron Wester and the screamin' yellow D complete with trailer! DCS can officially begin.

This highly polished D is quite the spectacle.

A few theories as to why the hood is not polished stem from going blind when driving in the sun's direction.

It's THAT shiny, folks.

Herb Grasse and Malcom Bricklin were here, but I don't see Kilroy.

A Hot Wheels/Diecast exhibit. Some of us were in heaven just over this display.

Thursday night beginning the lineup and car parking.

Richard Federico designed our plan, and the group of us had to actually get people to park correctly on a field.

It's WORKING!! People are listening to us... cars are coming out of nowhere.. this is gonna be awesome.

Word that the helicopter/plane isn't coming sort of melts our joy for the day.

While the 120 year old photographer prepares we snapped a quick shot of AZ-D with James Tolkan, AKA Principal "SLACKER" Strickland.

There were 2 electric D's on display.  This one uses lithium batteries and a whole lot of pretty LEDs.

An electric motor?  Where are you going to drip oil from using that?.

Another option, an assload of car batteries where the engine used to be.

But wait, there's more!

This may have been what 1983 would have looked like if DMC had really produced 30,000 cars a year like they planned.

Friday evening we went for round 2 on the DELOREAN lettering in the grass. This time they got the shot from an ultralight flying above.

Friday night dinner, AZ-D table.

Sherine, Johnny & Alexis relax and wait for the presentations.

Richard and Dan W enjoy some tasty vittles.  I can say "vittles" in Gettysburg, right?.

Ben and his friend who was a great source of insight and stories.

Jeffrey Weisman filled in for Richard Federico as the MC for the night.

Lee "Catwoman" Meriwether makes an appearance.

Some of the DCS folk in period costume.

The boys found the bar. Male bonding ensued.

I love you, man!  No no, I love YOU man.. aszhhs..zhlzsshll....last call? Getouttahere..

Hey is that the hotel guy?  No it's the OTHER Wynn.

A whole room full of gullwing cars!!  Watch yer head.

Soak it in, this building was huge!

There were over 40 Bricklins at the event according to one count.

Dozens of Stainless Steel beauties inside the showroom.

People took car cleaning to a new level at the show.

Rare preproduction ashtray, don't you dare use it!

A rare Maserati Merak was not too far from the show.  Daniel and John did some sightseeing in the neighboring towns.

The Merak was for sale, and it defined the phrase "10 footer".

Elsewhere nearby was a Knight Rider conversion candidate including the correct rare 1984 hubcaps. As gun ownership is likely common in the area, we left them on the car.

Ram Air on a Bricklin, now you can say you've seen everything.

Wait, no, ok NOW you've seen everything, including a very rare DMC utility tug.  John hitched a ride while Cliff towed Pilot 21 around..

I give up, ok a balloon Time Machine. Officially now have we seen everything. Only at DCS!

The Sawyer's toured the Hershey factory on their way to DCS.  They generously shared their free chocolate sampler with the table during the dinner/raffle.

Owners pack and prep for a drive home. DCS 2008 is a wrap!