Tech Session/Monthly Lunch - November 2008

Ben guiding Kelly on his first D oil change, even after having the car more than 27 years!

Bill Sebert came to his first meeting and brought his beautiful '82. Tucson events always brings 'em out of the woodwork.

Dan, Hugh, and Richard enjoy the ambience of John's DeLorean Garage.

Tom charms the ladies under the dealership sign. We had a rare appearance from original owner Pam Grotsky.

After some teching we met for lunch at the Fox and Hound.  Tucsonan Langdon joined us for lunch but then had to get going.

Doug finally got his chicken fingers after an extended wait, which he blamed on Ben's mysterious power of bad service.

The obligitory lineup in the parking lot, wings high!

Kelly's first tunnel shot. It's a short one so he wouldn't get scared.

Sort of a yellow Hummer book-end for our row of D's.

John finally retired loyal dead bat mascot "Hervey" as he was falling apart. A brief ceremony send Hervey into the beyond roughly 3 years after he originally died in a stack of NCT tires.