Cruisin' for a Cure Photo Gallery - Sept. 2007

As the tradition continues, DMC-CA, (formerly DeLorean Motor Center), held their annual Open House Sept. 21st 2007.

An unusual “Made In Northern Ireland” stencil graces a door.

Danny Botkin’s new office.

Ben’s new performance mod.

Don Steger and crew checking out the all-new stage 3 car from DMC Texas.

No photos were allowed of the engine, so this is all we get for now.

They really cleaned this place up!

Unfortunately, TGI Friday’s didn’t agree with Ben the night before.  However, a quart of applesauce seemed to bring him back from the dead.

This was the first year all early-registered DeLorean’s were able to get covered parking.  Good thing as it rained a couple of times that day.

There were 12 cars in attendance.

This candy-apple red car was getting a lot of attention as was Cameron’s chameleon DeLorean parked next to it.

Danny taking time to hang out with Ben.

Chris Mack giving a few pointers to Stephen Wynn.

Okay, one last photo of the stage 3 car.

This is the real General Lee!  At least that’s what the sign said.

Yep, it looks like a film-used car to us.  Beat-up, slightly neglected with strange hydraulic and pneumatic fittings welded to the roof.

More pics on the way!