GM Proving Ground Event Photos - Sept. 2007

All of the DeLoreans lined up inside the GM Proving Ground Complex.

Even though there were many Corvettes there, the D's got the good parking spaces!

We were all told not to mess the place up! But, we know they were really talking about the Vette guys! :-)

Somehow nobody noticed that some AZ-Der's were absent from this picture when the photographer decided to take it! :-(

Several AZ-D members checked out the new restyled GM vehicles and this hybrid as well.

Finally it is time to go out to the back of the property and get some track time on the oval and the straight-away!

All of the DeLoreans picking up speed on the staight-away part of the track.

Daniel on the track.

Gary on the track.

Hugh on the track.

Johnny on the track.

Richard F. on the track.

Daniel on a curve.

Hugh on a curve.

Johnny on a curve.

Richard F. on a curve.

All of the DeLoreans arrive at the finl part of the event - the driving demonstration!

The GM guys showing us how not to stop a Buick in a hurry.

The Corvette drivers were able to do anything they wanted - even high speed maneuvers right next to each other!

Here you can see all of the event's attendees watching the stunt driving. AZ-D members are on the right side of the photo. Everyone else is a Corvette owner!

Chris says bye! See you all at the next AZ-D event.