Johnny's New Car Lift - January 2008

It all started on Friday, Jan 11th, with Johnny, Daniel, and Randal unloading pieces of the lift from Daniel's trailer. Wait a minute, where is Randal?

Johnny and Daniel continue to unpack the lift from it's metal shipping structure. I wonder where Randal could be? :-)

There's Randal...on the phone!!! Doesn't work know that unpacking a lift is more important!

The team gets together on Sunday morning to help Johnny actually setup the lift. Christian had the official task of reading the directions, while we all figured out what they meant. :-)

A lot of cooks in this kitchen!

Almost done now!

Johnny lines up his DeLorean for the lift's first ever vehicle drive-on!

The DeLorean is now completely on the lift...

...and now the lift is off the ground for the first time with a car on it!

We trust our work so much that we immediately posed for a picture under the lift...

...and then we got so caught up in looking at the underside of the DeLorean we forgot that pictures were still being taken!