Rob Grady Tech Event Photos - March 2008

We always have a great turnout for the Grady event. This year about 14 cars showed up. The weather cleared up by late morning and we had a great time.

We went to work immediately - talking about DeLoreans. :-)

Philosophical conversations broke out all over the place, whether standing in the street or sitting in a car!

Lift time was scheduled very well, and cars started lining up to make use of the newest feature of Johnny's garage.

Where are the flux capacitors in this picture?

People are always drawn to the Time Machine, but put it on a lift and people come running from all over just to stand under it. :-)

The man to thank for the use of the garage and lift. AZ-D tech events just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for Johnny's generosity!

Rob tore down Steve's engine all the way to the Valley of Death twice to make sure that he had the best running engine he could have.

We kept Rob busy most of the day with inspections and misc work on cars. Here Rob is busy looking at the Time Machine.

Stay Tuned...
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Four of our newest members: Mike, Frank, Garth, and R2-D2.

When you have a free moment away from the tech stuff, go check out the cars parked out front!

Have a Nice Day!