Monthly Lunch @ Brush Fire Grill - April 2008

On the way from Casa Grande we were awash in a sea of VW's on the freeway!

The newly minted Brush Fire Grill. So new, in fact, that no locals knew where it was.

Bob Patz supplied a very expensive paperweight to help keep our sign up.

Daniel making sure his Mary Poppins trunk full of tools is secure.

A nice group of D's adorns the parking lot out front.

We're welcome AND they spelled DeLorean right!

DeLoreans (and Tom) stormed their parking lot!

John Spangler and Gary Adams got the spare parking spaces til some more freed up.

A rather inconsiderate bird perches upon the grille on Tom's Time Machine.

A crowd draws and soon the regular D's become invisible next to the Time Machine.

Holy cow... there's ANOTHER DeLorean out here!.

Photo of Hugh taking a Photo of our group lineup and impromptu car show.