Publicity (AZ-D in the news...)                       

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  • Click here to see an article from the Tribune from Jan. 2001 covering a tech session at Mesa Auto Works. Originally submitted to by Ryan McCaffrey.
  • Click here to see the front page of the Casa Grande Dispatch from 11-9-04 covering the Casa Grande Outlet Malls Car Show.  Submitted to by Daniel Fox.
  • Click here to see page one and click here to see page two of the AZ-D article written by Daniel Fox in the DeLorean Car Show (DCS) Magazine. Pictures are HUGE to show detail and may take a while to load. For a much more impressive view of the article, go and buy the real magazine!
  • Click here to see the article from the Arizona Republic from 6-12-05 when some  AZ-D members were at the opening of the new section of the Loop 202. Article scanned and submitted to by Charlie Gonzales.
  • Click here to listen to John Spangler being interviewed on the radio on 99.5 FM in Tucson on January 16, 2006.
  • Click here to view a page from DeLoreans Magazine that featured pictures of AZ-D members at Tortilla Flat reading, you guessed it, DeLoreans Magazine. Scanned and submitted to by Marv Hein.
  • Click here to view an article in DeLoreans Magazine written by Hugh Halladay, the Club Historian, about the AZ-D. Scanned and submitted to by Marv Hein.
  • Click here to see the YouTube video clip of AZ-D at the Arizona Irish Festival in Phoenix. Uploaded to YouTube and submitted to AZ-D by Matt Carpenter.